Pakistanis in known as PIK was founded by Atif Siddiqui in July 2007. Mr. Siddiqui got an opportunity to work for a private company of Kuwait in May 1998,  He loves his country and its people since his childhood, to show this love he created his first personal email ids Atif_pak@.... where Atif his first name and Pak shows his love to the country Pakistan.


Our History

Mr. Atif has created 1st Group/Room named "Pakistanis in Kuwait" from in 1999, after few months he changed the group/room name to "Pakistanis (Boys & Girls) in Kuwait" as per group member's advice. he designed his 1st personal website where he used free web hosting and ready made templates just for fun and added his and his family pictures in late 1999.

He purchased a domain name and designed his own website pages to get more experience in internet industry after a long break in June 2007. His colleagues appreciate and advised him to add more activities in his website. He realized that some websites in Kuwait that represent their country names and shocked to see that No website exists for Pakistani from Kuwait except non professional Pakistan embassy website in August 2007, then he got an idea to develop a website that represent his nation in Kuwait then started searching to buy a domain name unfortunately it was already reserved but not in used. then he purchased with after one year he got rid of and kept only

In May 2009 he received an email from domain registrar that the domain name is available, this time he did not miss the chance and purchased this domain immediately. since then the website design has been changed many times and now large number of users are visiting PIK website, Facebook page 

and group

Our Logo


Our Mission

We are a Non political community organization, PIK is the only Platform which is providing a lot of free services for the public living in or out of Kuwait, supporting community events, raising community issues, bringing people on one platform, Providing legal advice and useful information for the community, boost Pakistani image and a lot more.

Our Online Services

PIK Resume engine is a powerful tool for Companies to search CVs directly from our database and can contact any candidate directly.

PIK Classifieds is a high quality graphical application; anyone can register easily and post/search their classified ad for free.

PIK Gallery is a place to share your media collection, and comments on your favorite images etc.

PIK News is the best for news reader, Daily latest news.

PIK Book This book has been compiled to recognize the efforts of those Pakistanis who have dedicated themselves for the welfare of Pakistani community in Kuwait.

PIK Chat works directly from your web browser no need to download messenger or stuff type your nick name and start chatting to your family/loved once or join the room.

PIK Directory is also an open source place where you can add your personal contact numbers so that any of your family missing friends/loved once can reach you.

PIK Muslim Names with meanings is a good source to search for new born baby's name with meaning or search the meanings of your name etc.

PIK Discussion Forum Join to meet and share your thoughts with the community.

We're a small organization, and we worked hard over the years to keep us lean and tight. We fulfill our mission, and trying to recognize it internationally. To do this without resorting to advertising, we need you to promote us. It is you who will keep this dream alive. It is you who have created Pakistanis in Kuwait community web portal. It is you who believe that a place for Pakistanis in Kuwait is worth having.

Our Team

PIK was started by Atif Siddiqui alone but now since 2012 many diligent personnel joined the team.

 PIK Team
  1. Atif Siddiqui (Founder/Chief Executive)
  2. Faiza Siddiqui (Anchor) 
  3. Sharif Hadesvi (Photographer)
  4. Rajab khan Abbasi (Legal Advisor) Embassy of Pakistan
 PIK facebook Group Admin/Moderators
  1. Atif Siddiqui 
  2. Amer Hamid
  3. Shakir Saeed
  4. Aqeel Meraj
  5. Ammar Jutt
  6. Kiran Ali
  7. Saiba Malik
  8. Mohammed Riyaz Rajput
  9. M Irfan Shafiq


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